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Head and neck treatment

Neck pain and headaches can be triggered by a variety of factors. They can appear suddenly or gradually.

The intensity and nature of your symptoms may vary. But whether it's mild stiffness or more serious symptoms, they can severely impact your work and life.


Our team treats a range of musculoskeletal neck pain and neck headaches.


Headaches can be caused by pain in various parts of the body. These include the neck, mid to upper back, shoulder, rib cage, or jaw. This pain is then passed up into the head.

Causes of head and neck injuries

There are a number of factors that can cause head and neck injuries. A common example is poor posture over a long period of time. It can even be related to the angle at which you look at a computer screen. Over time, this poor posture can put undue stress on the neck joints.

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This pent-up tension and stiffness irritate the nerves. This leads to pain radiating to the head (cervicogenic or "neck-related" headache). Neck trauma, such as whiplash or a sports injury, can also cause neck pain and headaches.

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Neck Brace

Common symptoms of head and neck injuries

As part of a head and neck injury, you may have the following symptoms:

  • pain or stiffness in your neck, upper back, or head.

  • Loss of range of motion of the head and neck.

  • Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

  • Sharp or stabbing pains in the neck, head, or arms.

  • Slowly progressing, often unilateral pain at the base of the skull and at the back of the head. Occasionally also in the temple region above the ears or behind the eyes. Migraines are more likely to affect both sides and switch sides than cervicogenic headaches.

  • Inability to perform your normal physical activities.

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Head and Neck Disorders We Treat

atBorn2Move Physiowe know that the head and neck are complex, interconnected structures. They have a complicated network of intervertebral discs, ligaments and vertebrae. That means there can be multiple factors contributing to your headache or neck pain.

Some common conditions we treat are:

  • Rehabilitation after surgical intervention.

  • Herniated disc, injury or strain.

  • stiffness and loss of mobility.

  • Dysfunction of the facet joints.

  • Neck-related (cervicogenic) headaches.

  • postural weaknesses.

  • Acute muscle or ligament sprains and strains.

  • osteoarthritis.

  • Arm pain radiating from the neck

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Our approach to treating the head and neck

atBorn2Move physiotherapywe take the time to thoroughly understand your concern, investigate and assess the factors contributing to your discomfort.


Our goal is to restore normal joint movements in your neck. This can reduce the muscle tension and nerve irritation that is causing your neck pain or headache. Manual techniques such as soft tissue relaxation and spinal mobilization reduce stiffness and tension.

We also offer educational strategies related to ergonomic posture and self-stretching. Ultimately, these strategies are designed to help reduce the impact of lifestyle factors on your pain.

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