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treatment of the back

Back pain can be debilitating. They are one of the most common reasons people stay away from work or see a physical therapist. It is often mechanical in origin, meaning that certain muscles and bones, including vertebrae, ligaments, nerves and discs, cause the pain.

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Back pain can also be caused by inflammation. In this case, medications such as ibuprofen (Nurofen) or diclofenac (Voltaren) can help relieve your symptoms.

Regardless of your age and fitness level, many people suffer from back pain. The back is a complex, nerve-rich structure. Our treatments include manipulation, mobilization, healing massage, stretching, dry needling and taping.

Our team minimizes the chances of the injury returning with long-term solutions. For this reason, postural training and rehabilitation exercises are an important part of our process.


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Causes of back injuries

There are a number of risk factors that can cause you to get back pain.


This can include:

  • Lifting heavy objects.

  • Repetitive lifting related to your job, sport or hobby.

  • weight gain.

  • adopt a poor sitting or standing posture.

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Some examples of back injuries are: 

  • joint sprains

  • muscle strains

  • disc injuries

  • nerve irritation

    They can be a direct result of an accident or lifting heavy objects. However, sometimes back injuries develop insidiously as a result of constant, repetitive strain on the back.


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Depending on the cause of your back pain, you may have the following symptoms:

Dull, constant, sharp, or stabbing pain. They often appear between the lower ribs and the waist.
Pain, pinholes, numbness or muscle weakness in the legs.

These symptoms are often associated with a back injury that irritates the nerves.

Stiffness in the lower back. When this happens, you may find that your movements when bending, sitting, or standing are limited.


Types of back problems we treat

Some examples of back injuries we treat are:

  • Rehabilitation after surgical interventions.

  • Herniated disc, injury or strain.

  • stiffness and loss of mobility.

  • Dysfunction of the facet joints.

  • Postural defects (while sitting, standing, or both).

  • Acute muscle or ligament sprains and strains.

  • osteoarthritis.

  • Leg pain originating from the back.

Our approach to treating the back

Sometimes the cause of back pain can be directly linked to a specific structure or disease.

We often find that more than one structure is the cause, which can lead to a range of complex problems.

Our physical therapists have the skills and capabilities to create a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your individual needs. This allows us to determine whether your back pain is mechanical in nature. We can also rule out other conditions that require additional testing and treatment.

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Through a combination of careful analysis, assessment and treatment, we are able to identify your problem and any associated implications. From here we can work towards relieving your pain and minimizing the likelihood of it coming back.

After the diagnosis, you will receive advice on recovery time, posture, ergonomics of the workplace and do's and don'ts. You will also receive an exercise program that will show you the best way to get back to your daily activities.

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